Arizona (AZ)

Child Support Services

  • Toll Free: 1-800-882-4151


Where To Send Payments

PO Box 52107
Phoenix, AZ 85072

Disbursement Correspondence Unit
PO Box 40458
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Overnight Express Payments can be sent to:
Arizona Department of Economic Security
DCSS – SDU S/C 019A – Mail Drop 7214
1789 West Jefferson, 3rd Floor SW
Phoenix, AZ  85007

About Child Support In Arizona

Established in 1975 as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, the Child Support Services program is a federal/state/local program that collects child support from parents who are legally obligated to pay. The goals are threefold:

  • To ensure that children are supported by their parents,
  • To foster family responsibility by offering services and resources to families that will help them become more self-reliant, and
  • To reduce the costs of welfare to the taxpayer.

Research has shown that noncustodial parents who are involved financially in their child’s life by paying their child support are also more likely to be involved in other aspects of their child’s life, such as school or extra-curricular activities. When a parent does not pay child support, it places their child at risk of not having their basic needs met. This may put the custodial parent at risk of needing government-funded programs, such as cash assistance or food stamps, in order to meet those needs. There are a number of reasons why a noncustodial parent may have difficulty in paying their child support. Perhaps they may lack the skills and training to get and keep a job, or they may have issues related to mental illness or substance abuse problems. These issues make it difficult to find and keep a job.

The Child Support Services program works with the DES food stamps, cash assistance, vocational rehabilitation, jobs and child care programs to ensure that both the custodial and noncustodial parents have the support they need in order to take steps toward their well-being and self-sufficiency and that of their family’s.

The Child Support Services program is not permitted to be involved in custody or visitation issues that often accompany child support problems. Problems such as property settlement, visitation and custody are not, by themselves, support service issues, and by law the Child Support Services program cannot extend its services to enforce court orders pertaining to them.

The Top 6 Fastest Ways To Reduce Your Child Support

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